 High quality telephone and web-based customer service and sales operations o Run time Quality Control
o Run time Feedback
o Run time check & balance
o Invest more time towards Quality tasks o Transaction Monitoring

 Reduction of Operational Costs
o Decrease answering and talk time = reduce communication cost

o Decrease integration of back-end systems.

o Improve processes and save money.

o Free your resources and focus on your strategy.

o Increase your capabilities

 Increase Revenue
o Automated IVR and Call Management
o Rapid and Rationale Response
o Intelligent Call Routing

o Quality Check Module

 Time is Money
o Swift and Efficient Start Up,

o Readily Available Resources.

o Quicker Turn Around Time

o Constant Coordination and Correspondence with immediate response time

 Improve Service – 24×7
o Interaction History is Automatically Recorded and available for reference.

o Quality Check appliance on every call

o Coaching by Mentors.

o Leverage Customer/Caller Profile

o IT Support available