RedSun Call Centre

RedSun offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions for Call Centre Operations which includes both training and offering a host of inbound and outbound calls for BD and BD campaigns with high quality considerations. We have extensive experience of executing tele-sales, tele-customer support, tele-marketing and offshore recovery services projects coupled with call centre trainings for various clients in public and private sector of BD.

Every day, our clients entrust their customers and business to our bilingual (Bengali/English) employees, who engage in telephone and call center operations, telecommunications, sales, customer service and marketing efforts to help.

Our services:

 In-depth, Right now 12/6/310 Future 24/7/365 customer service support

 Dispatch of service, emergency, or technical support personnel
 After hours, weekend, holiday, overflow coverage

 Dedicated receptionist during normal business hours

 Live operator answering service

 Medical service bureau

 Message delivery answering service

 Toll-free telephone answering service

What we offer:

We offer our clients with courteous, professional, knowledgeable agents with crystal clear voice quality,customized answering with your personalized greeting and 24/7 nationwide telephone answering service

Multilingual services Message center with 24/7, Toll Free access

We enable our clients to meet their sales objectives by offering them quality services .Our program offerings include the following:

 Acquisition and Sales Program

 Back Office Processing

Acquisition and Sales Program

 Inbound Services and Sales

 Outbound Sales

 Order Taking and Fulfillment

 Lead Generation

 Product Information Requests

 Subscription Renewals

Back Office Processing- Our proven back office solutions include:

 Data Entry

 Transcription

 Research
 Analysis

Why RedSun Call Centre?

 High quality telephone and web-based customer service and sales operations o Run time Quality Control
o Run time Feedback
o Run time check & balance
o Invest more time towards Quality tasks o Transaction Monitoring

 Reduction of Operational Costs
o Decrease answering and talk time = reduce communication cost

o Decrease integration of back-end systems.

o Improve processes and save money.

o Free your resources and focus on your strategy.

o Increase your capabilities

 Increase Revenue
o Automated IVR and Call Management
o Rapid and Rationale Response
o Intelligent Call Routing

o Quality Check Module

 Time is Money
o Swift and Efficient Start Up,

o Readily Available Resources.

o Quicker Turn Around Time

o Constant Coordination and Correspondence with immediate response time

 Improve Service – 24×7
o Interaction History is Automatically Recorded and available for reference.

o Quality Check appliance on every call

o Coaching by Mentors.

o Leverage Customer/Caller Profile

o IT Support available

Inbound Customer Support

Inbound telemarketing outsourcing is different than Customer service outsourcing. It is all call centers, but they are as very different in culture and management Inbound telemarketing requires a call center with a sales culture. Customer Service call centers answer questions and have an infrastructure based on calls answered and resolved. Knowing that and finding the right fit is important

Inbound Call Center Services we offer includes:

 Appointment Setting

 Order Taking
 Catalog Sales

 Customer Service
 Answering Service

 Database Management

 Dealer Locator Service
 General Information

 Literature Fulfillment

 Market Research Surveys

 Membership Applications

Inbound Tele services

RedSun offers award Inbound Tele-services for all our client’s call center needs. Whether you send us overflow or completely outsource your call center to us, our web enabled team members are here 24/7 to take your calls, in English. Successfully determining and meeting the needs of our clients is what we do best. We’re not a cookie-cutter call center.

Inbound Tele-services include:

 Order taking Sales

 E-commerce support

 Lead Generation

 Customer Satisfaction Programs
 Hotlines – Including toll-free product order lines and emergency response lines

 Open enrollment campaigns

 Requests for further information

 Help Desk

Collection Service

Insurance, Banking, Financial Services and Mortgage industries process large amount of transaction data on daily basis. Our collection and mortgage processing services provide transaction processing to diverse industries.

What we offer:

We offer comprehensive solutions to the insurance, banking, financial services, and mortgage sector covering the entire industry business processes ranging from business acquisition services to collection outsourcing. We offer different plans depending on variables such as type and amount of debt, original level of credit worthiness, number of debtors, age of account and quality of debtor information. Contact us to arrange a confidential. We recover everything from hundreds to six figure balances and we do it in a confidential and professional manner. We focus on producing results amicably to collect your money. So take the worry out of your collection issues and allow us to do what we do best, that is, Collect Money that is rightfully owed to you. Please call us now and your cash flow will improve immediately.

Human Resource Management

At RedSun we strive to provide the best incumbent for a successful deployment, increase customer satisfaction and reduce attrition.

HR hiring process is briefly outlined as follows:

 Understanding the nature of the project i.e. inbound, outbound or data entry—initial meting with Project Director are scheduled to gain insight

o Hours of Operations
o Number of Agents Required o Go live and/or drop date

 Skill Requirements:

o Accent Requirements o Computer literate
o Education Level
o Background Check
o Knowledge, and or other characteristics

Businesses intent on growth simply cannot cost effectively develop the same in-house level of sophistication in technology and human resources. By outsourcing customer service and sales to RedSun, businesses preserve capital resources, reduce cycle time and improve corporate performance.

Call Centre Training

RedSun imparts world class training ranging from basic to advanced IT trainings, technical trainings (Linux, Java, Networks and Systems training) and call centre trainings (telesales and customer services) to clients in public and private sector in different areas of Bangladesh.

Our training programs are known for their high energy, intense practice and focus on participant success. Participants state that our training program is most effective, providing a motivating and practical training experience for Call Centre training ranging from Customer Service Training, Telesales Training, BD. We are also partners with renowned international Training Academies, like Empowered Training Centre, a world leader in the International Market, to work together to deliver world class training to our clients

We believe in providing quality Training, to each individual. We understand the learning curve associated with each Agent, hence we go the extra mile in completing initial training in a professional/satisfactory manner from an internal and client standpoint.

 Experienced and Qualified Trainers

 US based customer service training/ Appliance in Domestic Market
 Quality and Knowledge driven

 Comprehension of learning

 Focus on Customer Retention

Our basic training model is as follows:

•5 Days Generic Training 5 Days OJT (On Job
Culture and Values Training)
• Product knowledge
• Customer Service Skills
• Accent Neutralization • Mock calls
• Product Knowledge • Buddy System
• System Training • Live calls with Coaching

Ongoing Training

• Refresher Training based on Quality Monitoring

• Any update client training

Skills Development

• Training

• Succession Planning

Trainings Offered

Different types of Trainings offered are:

1) Customer Service Training

 Basic Level

 Advanced Level

2) Telesales Training

 Inbound Calls

 Outbound Calls

Call Centre Campaigns

RedSun has the experience of executing tele-sales, tele-customer support and tele-marketing projects for different international clients.

RedSun follows the Hybrid model through which we will qualify opportunities, close deals that can be done over the phone, and then pass larger relationship based sales opportunities out to the field sales force of the client.

We aim to bring together three important aspects to managing the telesales needs:

 Competitive Telesales Resources (TSR),

 Effective Results

 BD Cultural Awareness

How We Do It?

The outbound tele-sales process is initiated with a briefing on the nature of the tele-sales campaign, aims and objectives and success factors. Once this is clear RedSun and client collaborate to develop and appropriate target list or the client supplies the target list. Based on the type for example B2B and/or B2C of the prospect and the objectives of the sales campaign world-class tele-sales pitch or script is developed in collaboration with the client keeping in mind the regulations. A team of tele-sales professionals and quality assurance people is brought together are completely trained for the campaign. Once the above pre-requisites are in place the campaign is launched.

Why We Are Different?

We use unique set of activates to close the deals which include the following:

 A trained TSR & CSR who has the exposure of working in BD or on a campaign for a BD client initiates the call on the number prompted by the system

 The TSR & CSR qualify the prospect through some validation information if the lead is qualified then moves on with the product/service offer else move to the next number from the system

 The TSR & CSR establish a rapport with the prospect and explain the product/service

 The TSR & CSR manages the objections (if any) through pre-defined strategies or based on similar experience

 TSR & CSR input the data in the system and update the records

TSR close the deal and forward the call to the verification officer or business development manager for the verifications. The calls are recorded for quality purpose and as evidence of the sale contract.

Quality Control

Quality is the back bone of a call center in providing World class customer service. Quality is defined per business needs of our clients and our ability to understand and deliver upon agreed standards. Client will receive the following tools from a quality standpoint; the goal is to continuously improve our call quality:

 Measurement/quality goal

 Agent monitoring

 How to provide feedback/coach Agents effectively

 Tailored monitoring form

o Remote monitoring

o Live monitoring

o Side-by-side monitoring